Highly experienced leadership team with a proven track record of success

Branded Response formulates, markets and sells high value consumer health & wellness products, sold through both trial and subscription (recurring) billing models. Recurring billings are a key to the business as they provide stable ongoing cash flow. BR’s ability to control its customer acquisition costs allows it to be extremely effective in how it deploys its media spend and with very tight controls all but assures a profitable campaign. We are taking traditional “direct-to-consumer” marketing also known as infomercials or advertorials and making them extremely efficient with immediate metrics and feedback on consumer behavior and activity. This allows us to modify offers, landing pages and media spend to optimize campaigns on a real-time basis.

Robert Tallack
Co-Founder & CEO

Robert brings over 15 years of experience in the health industry, having sold his last company to a publicly traded pharma company. An industry veteran of the digital marketing business, Robert has developed sales campaigns that have generated millions per month in sales. Robert also brings a unique background in sports having previously been a 3-time World Martial Arts Champion and still holds a world record.

Stephen Blazick
Co-Founder & COO

Stephen is a pioneer in the digital marketing space and has successfully run campaigns and created direct to consumer marketing strategies for over 15 years. Over that period, he has easily generated over $1 billion in gross sales in direct to consumer products. He has been labeled as “the smartest guy you have never met” by AIG for his revolutionary consumer cultivation programs. Stephen has taken numerous companies from start-up to generating revenues well over $30 million in less than 12 months.

Stephen has advised for companies like Apple, Franklin Templeton, AIG and many others on how to create effective online sales strategies and tactics which result in consumer conversion to customers. He also was one of the first Americans to teach Chinese SEO and SEM leaders how to monetize their sales funnels and how to change their online buying strategies. Stephen’s role is making sure that sales are being generated efficiently and that all metrics are being maintained for profitable conversions.

Peter Nguyen
Co-Founder & Chairman

Peter is currently the CEO of Ad Exchange Group and creator of Advertiser360, the most comprehensive course ever created to help people build their own product or service online. He has started dozens of business startups over the past decade as an entrepreneur and has had his work published in Inc., Forbes, TechCrunch, FoxNews, and other publications. Having traveled the states speaking and empowering next generation leaders, he serves on the board for five national and global non-profit organizations including World AIDS Marathon, Southeast Asian Committee, and Universal Outreach Cooperative. Currently, he is the Chairman and CEO of Ad Exchange Group, one of the largest “CPA” affiliate networks in the world.

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